April 16, 2021 Legal, Marketing

International Gaming Institute report challenges US gambling advertisers


A report published by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ International Gaming Institute (IGI), argues for advertising change.

As sports betting continues to grow in America, the IGI report discusses how gambling is being promoted by advertisers, media and the industry.  

Online sports wagering is currently legal in sevearl states including Colorado, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with Arizona also the latest to give sports wagering the green light.

Yet with the rapid expansion of sports betting in the US, the IGI has emphasized the importance of promoting gambling in a responsible way.  

One of the reports leading authors, Jennifer Shatley, said: "In many jurisdictions, sports wagering advertising has led to a backlash and/or a pumping of brakes either by the government, regulatory officials, or by the industry itself.  

"This report provides recommendations for a holistic framework to promote sports wagering in a responsible manner from the start in order to help avoid these pitfalls in the US." 

The research highlights three important areas  the media and industry should think about it when promoting gambling or betting.  

The first key insight suggests media outlets should not refer to any illegal outlets; the report adds the public should be made aware of illegal outlets. 

The second focuses on avoiding direct advertising to vulnerable areas; operators should ensure their advertising is not targeting the vulnerable such as younger people. The IGI insists restrictions should be put in place on platforms that are popular with youth like Tik Tok or Instagram. 

Lastly, the IGI stresses that the industry should learn from each other to ensure everyone is upholding the best practices. The American industry could also learn from other countries where there is a history of legalized sports wagering.  

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