April 6, 2021 Casino, Legal, Land-Based

Lincoln City Council considers zoning changes for new casino


The City Council in Nebraska is discussing the potential changes required to build a new casino.

The new casino will be part of a $200m project from Ho-Chunk’s WarHorse Gaming and the Nebraska Horseman Benevolent & Protective Association (HBPA). It will include a hotel, event spaces, a spa and over 1,000 gaming stations.

Representatives from both groups testified in front of the City Council in regard to revisions to their plans.

Representative for Nebraska HBPA, Andrew Willis, explained that commercial spacing will have to be reduced from 1.3 million square feet to just 980,000. He also mentioned that the height of the building would need approval.

Willis said: "Currently on that property, there is already a waiver for the grandstands of 70 feet so it's an increase. As for the casino itself, we've asked for a 50-foot height-limit and that's to have some screening on top the building."

In the meeting a free-standing sign was also discussed, Councilwoman Sandra Washington was concerned with its impact on neighboring communities, but Willis said this wouldn’t be an issue.

After hearing testimonies from representatives and neighbors, the council has decided it will be possible to make the changes needed for the casino.

Construction is expected to start next year and it is believed the project will provide the city of Lincoln new jobs and greater revenue.

Lynne McNally, EVP for Nebraska HBPA, said: "When we talk about building this project, it's not just about new revenue for the state, it's not just about the new revenue for the City of Lincoln, it's about new jobs, it's about recirculating in the state.

“I’m really hoping they can see our vision and see that we intend to be great partners of the city, and great supporters of the community.”

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