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August 3, 2022 Technology, Online, Partnerships

Playstudios teams up with Forte to offer Web3 player rewards


The collaboration falls in line with a mutual goal of utilizing new technology platforms.

Mobile gaming developer Playstudios has partnered with blockchain solutions provider Forte. The two companies will join forces to bring rewarded play to Web3.

With the Forte platform, publishers have easy access to blockchain technology integration. Gaming publishers can offer players embeddable token wallets, non-fungible token (NFT) minting and selling, payment rails and other services that are tailored specifically for blockchain token economies.

Playstudios CEO Andrew Pascal noted the collaboration with Forte has the potential to benefit everyone involved.

He said: “Forte offers a complete and unmatched solution to power token economies with tools that prioritize the player experience.

“We are very excited to work with the experienced team at Forte and to leverage their sophisticated technology to power our innovative playBLOCKS loyalty and rewards model which will benefit our players, games and reward partners.”

Forte CEO Josh Williams expressed similar sentiments and said the company looks forward to working with Playstudios.

Williams commented: “Playstudios has been a visionary in the games space for over a decade, pioneering both rewarded play for millions of players with playAWARDS and continually embracing and developing a leading position in new technology platforms from social to mobile.”

Williams went on to add that he believes Web3 assets have the potential to change entertainment and offer players continued benefits.

“We are incredibly excited that playBLOCKS represents the combination of great, fun games with Web3 digital assets and rewards in the physical world,” he said.

“Web3 will continue to unlock a massive shift in how entertainment is built and consumed with economics that benefit players, creators and publishers. We are so happy to be building towards that future with Playstudios.”

Both companies share a common goal to utilize both the creative and economic opportunities that exist within blockchain gaming. Williams said partnering with Playstudios is a “significant step” in helping Forte achieve its long-term goals.

He concluded by saying: “Since our inception, Forte’s goal has been to build and connect the blockchain technology that makes it possible for anyone in the world to gain true digital property rights.

“This goal merges online and physical-world experiences, creating truly immersive economies that reward and benefit more participants. Our partnership with PLAYSTUDIOS and playBLOCKS is a significant step towards that vision.”

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