May 15, 2020 Online

FlowPlay CEO encouraged by America Cancer Society fundraiser response


FlowPlay CEO Derrick Morton was in the midst of planning a spring fundraiser with the American Cancer Society (ACS) when COVID-19 hit the US and altered the medical landscape.

Morton quickly came up with a new plan to turn the cancer fundraising program into one that would benefit coronavirus efforts. 

In May FlowPlay’s flagship social casino, Vegas World, launched an in-game charm that players can purchase. All proceeds go to ACS’s Hope Lodge program, which funds thousands of free hotel rooms for health care providers and cancer patients who travel for treatment.

“Obviously this is a different environment, a different time so we wanted to come up with something that was very specific to the needs of the community right now so that’s how we came up with this COVID program,” Morton said. 

So far the fundraiser has been a success. 

“We have a party board where people post the parties that they’re having, and they’re doing specific fundraising parties for the American Cancer Society” Morton said. “That’s always a good indicator that people are excited about the initiative and want to help out.” 

Vegas World is FlowPlay’s most popular game in part because it replicates the social elements found in land-based casinos. 

“We’ve seen longer session times, we’ve seen more players playing,” Morton said. “We’re at record numbers of concurrent players now, mostly because people are looking for a distraction or something to do or people are really looking for some way to interact with other human beings when they’re stuck at home.” 

The incorporation of ACS charms has given Vegas World players a role to play in supporting workers on the front lines and cancer patients affected by the coronavirus. 

“I think people feel a little helpless in times like these and really don’t know how to start or how to help,” Morton said. “I think when they see some way of taking part and helping, they’re excited by it because we offer them something to do which is fun and is helping out in a stressful time.”

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