January 12, 2022 Casino, Technology, Land Based

InventHelp inventor develops playing card scanner to aid blind and visually impaired players


The scanner includes a speaker and headphones.

An InventHelp inventor has come up with the Novak Card Reader, a playing card scanner with a speaker that is designed for the blind and visually impaired. The card reader also has headphones that come with it.

It provides the face card or number value and suit of a card to the user through the headphones. Such an invention would also be able to facilitate social interaction and enjoyment, since it allows users to play card games independently anywhere any time, even in casinos.

Braille cards are not authorized in casinos. Users are not allowed to bring their own cards because of fears of cheating. The scanner would allow blind and visually impaired players to read the standard playing decks that gambling establishments use.

"I developed this for a blind friend to enable those with little or no sight to play cards with a normal deck of playing cards,” said the product’s inventor, who is from Justice, Illinois. 

The scanner is lightweight and compact enough to make it portable and convenient for users. In addition, it is durable, practical and easy for people to use.

The original design was submitted to InventHelp’s Chicago sales office. InventHelp was established in 1984, with its headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The patent is currently pending on the Novak Card Reader.

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