November 12, 2019 Sports Betting, Legal

Atlanta pro franchises argue for sports betting


Four Atlanta pro sports franchises are lobbying state lawmakers to legalize online and mobile sports betting in Georgia.
The Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United have created the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance with the purpose of pressuring legislators into action.
The presidents of the four franchises wrote a letter, stating: “Georgia is the 12th largest state for illegal wagering. It is not going away. That is why we must ensure the industry is above-board and transparent.”
The Alliance favors legalizing sports betting by way of a simple majority support in the state legislature.
Georgia law prohibits casino gambling and horseracing, but does not specifically ban sports
Legislators have previously attempted efforts at creating a constitutional amendment legalizing betting, but such a law would face greater obstacles.
Gov. Brian Kemp has previously expressed opposition to betting in response to lawmakers’
efforts to write a constitutional amendment legalizing casinos in the state.
However, Kemp said he would not veto such an amendment if betting revenue went to funding education.
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