May 18, 2021 Casino, Technology, Land Based

Betsafe Canada launches mechanical slot machine restoration project


First machine is a 70-year-old Beromat B magneto-mechanical model.

Canadian online casino Betsafe Canada on Tuesday said its emerging markets team has commenced a slot machine restoration project.

The company said in a statement the project will find mechanical slot machines from the past 100 years that are “losing their battle against time.” The team plans to restore these gaming industry veterans to their former beauty.

The project will include a series of blog articles and YouTube videos.

The first machine to get a makeover is the Beromat “B” slot machine, a three-reeled device built by Wulff Apparatebau GmbH starting in 1950. Betsafe Canada said the series was well known for its magneto-mechanical hand and an interior that required no electricity.

“A few coins and a firm pull were all that was needed for the device to work,” the company said. “This specific model was part of the golden age of casinos in Europe. Back in the day, mechanical slot machines such as the Beromat B were the star of the show in various cafes, restaurants and even homes.”

Mattia B., head of marketing for Betsafe Canada’s emerging markets team, added, “What amazes me about these mechanical machines isn’t only the craftsmanship that went into them, but also the fact that they do not require any electricity to work. Just take a look at the disassembly; it's fascinating how simple yet effective the whole machine was built.”

Step one was to find a Beromat B machine lingering in the far corners of Central Europe, then move the 60-pound device to the emerging markets studio.

Next, the machine was disassembled so technicians could assess the status of its interior.

The third and final step is planned to be completed by the end of this month, when the external housing and the internal parts will be completely restored. The company said the most difficult step will be replacing the broken reel mechanism as there are no replacement parts that can simply be ordered.

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