September 12, 2019 Casino, Conference

AGA to launch responsible gambling campaign in Las Vegas


The American Gaming Association (AGA) will host a panel in Las Vegas as part of Responsible Gaming Education Week in a bid to increase discussion and research on the subject.

The campaign will run from 15-21 September with the aim of advancing evidence-based research on the issue of responsible gambling in the US.

As part of the event and through its ‘Get to Know Gaming’ campaign, the AGA will host a panel of regional gambling representatives, academic experts and business leaders in a discussion on the topic.

A recent AGA survey showed 38 million adults are planning to bet on NFL games this season, with 13 states now hosting legal, regulated sports betting markets, and more expected to follow.

This figure represents 15% of the total US adult population.

The AGA is hoping the campaign will highlight a new research fund led by the National Center for Responsible Gaming, aiming to increase the effectiveness of responsible gambling approaches amid the expansion of legal, regulated sports betting in the US.

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