December 29, 2020 Sports Betting, Legal, Online

Majority of Alabama residents support legalized gambling


A study group on gambling policy produced by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey found that two thirds of residents support legalized gambling.

The study group’s report was released earlier in December, nine months after Ivey appointed a group to gather facts on gambling expansion.

The extensive 876-page report estimates that Alabama could raise between $510m to $710m from a lottery, casinos and sports betting.

Alabama voters can legalize gambling through a constitutional amendment. Alabama is one of five states without a lottery.

In a questionnaire conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, 67% of the 500 respondents said they favored legalized gambling in Alabama, with 53.6% strongly in favor. A slight majority, 54%, said legalized gambling would improve the state.

The questionnaire found that only 52% of residents support online sports betting.

Todd Strange, Chairman, Governor’s Study Group on Gambling Policy, said, “One, gambling will work in the state of Alabama. And we feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in that endeavor.” Strange’s comments were reported by Alabama Media Group.

The study group laid out seven ways for Alabama to maximize gaming revenue. They include allowing wagering on in-state college athletics and off-site, online sports betting, and to set robust and progressive taxes.

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