December 15, 2020 Casino, Tribal, Legal, Land-Based

California’s Tule River Indian Tribe granted approval to build new casino


The Tule River Indian Tribe received federal approval to break ground on a new casino resort near Porterville, California.

Tara Katuk Sweeney, Assistant Secretary Indian Affairs, granted the tribe’s land-into-trust application, which allows the tribe to relocate its Eagle Mountain Casino to a new Porterville location. The casino will be built on a 40-acre site.

“Once completed, the Tule River Indian Tribe’s proposed casino project that will bring much-needed increased revenue and jobs to its members and the surrounding area,” Sweeney said. “We continue to support all tribes in their efforts to strengthen their economies, which also brings benefits that extend far beyond their borders. The positive cooperation demonstrated by tribal, state and local officials has helped with moving the Tule River Tribe’s casino project forward, and I congratulate them on taking this opportunity to increase the economic activity in their region.”

Tule River said the new casino location will allow the tribe to improve its limited water supply to create housing for tribal members, according to news outlet The Recorder.

The Recorder reports that the casino project will bring $104m in direct revenue to central California’s Tulare County and create more than 1,000 jobs.

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