December 5, 2020 Casino, Online, Land-Based

MGM Resorts' Corey Sanders to return to COO role


Ex-MGM Resorts COO became CFO in 2019 but now returns to former title.

MGM Resorts International CFO Corey Sanders will move back across to the role of COO with the operator.

According to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sanders has been appointed MGM Resorts COO but will remain CFO until a replacement is found for that role.

Sanders was already MGM Resorts COO in a previous spell, serving in that position for several years, in fact, from 2010 to 2019.

Speaking exclusively to Gaming America for our US CEO Special earlier this year, former president and COO, and now president and CEO, Bill Hornbuckle spoke of previous reshuffles involving Sanders.

Discussing the organization's corporate structure after the 2008 recession, he said: "We put together a true corporate unit; I became the company’s CMO at that time.

"We all got into a room and said who wants to do what – and who can do what? I was the most likely marketing-inclined guy of the group, so I ended up CMO. My current colleague and CFO Corey Sanders became COO and Jim [Murren] was the CEO at the time.

"I did that for four to five years. In 2012, I became president of the company and, about a year ago, I became COO and Corey Sanders moved back over to CFO of the parent."

With Hornbuckle now several months into his role as permanent CEO, Sanders will complete his full transition back to COO once a new CFO is appointed.

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