September 16, 2020 Sports Betting, Online, Land-Based, Interview

Video exclusive: Newgioco CEO on US expansion and sports betting


Newgioco chairman and CEO Mike Ciavarella joins the GI Huddle to talk through his career so far and the firm's future plans.

Newgioco chairman and CEO Mike Ciavarella joins us for the latest episode of the GI Huddle, talking through his career in gaming and Newgioco's journey to date.

Having enjoyed success in Italy, Ciavarella spends plenty of our interview focusing specifically on the US, discussing Newgioco's omni-channel services and the company's sports betting platform Elys.

On top of the technical details, however, the CEO also talks about his past as a hockey coach and in the finance sector.

Ciavarella will feature on the cover of upcoming Sports Betting Focus magazine, so be sure to read the full interview when it is published.

Below, hit play to see the video version, as the Newgioco CEO discusses his career so far, and US plans, for the GI Huddle.

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