Tribes and gaming company team up for sports-themed betting app

October 6, 2022

The PlaySqor app will allow players to wager on sports matchups on a bingo-style card.

One Californian and Two Oklahoman Tribes have partnered with Vetnos LLC, a New York City gaming company, to launch a sports-themed betting app. The app, PlaySqor, uses “first of its kind Class II sports-themed gaming technology,” according to a Vetnos press release.

PlaySqor has been designed to advance the reach of Class II bingo gaming while filling in a need for tribal sports gaming offerings.

Vetnos chief gaming officer Valerie Spicer commented: “PlaySqor targets the casual fan betting on their favorite athletes on a fast, fun fixed-odds betting platform, strategically developed with a bingo engine. We wanted to give Tribes an option… especially in places where (legalized) sports betting hasn’t been decided.”

PlaySqor will allow bettors to wager as little as $1 on player matchups from a variety of sports, including soccer, pro and college football, basketball, hockey, golf and others.

Players pick various matchups, and the matchup winners are placed on a bingo-type card. Users can then win money based on rows or what type of pattern of squares they fill “much like a tic-tac-toe board.”

The game will be licensed by Tribes, which will also be able to customize and market the app as they please. Spicer said: “We want it to be theirs.” Under PlaySqor, Tribes would earn a percentage of revenue or a ‘commission,’ she said. No revenue would go to states where the game will operate.

The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, based in Wyandotte in Ottawa County, is one of the partners launching the app. It owns and operates the Indigo Sky Casino and Resort near Wyandotte.

Eastern Shawnee Tribal Treasurer Justin Barrett commented: “We are not one of the larger Tribes, but we are strategic, forward-thinking and progressive. When Tribes are able to expand and manage our gaming offerings properly, we can generate more revenue for the betterment of our people and our communities.”


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