Montana Sportsbook to utilize Paysafe payment platform


The Montana sports betting platform is operated in partnership with Intralot.

Paysafe, a specialized payments platform, has today announced that the company has agreed a partnership with Intralot, the operator of the Montana Lottery sportsbook.

Through this agreement, Paysafe will allow sports bettors in the state to pay for their wagers with a suite of traditional and alternative payment methods.

Montana’s state sportsbook is owned by the local government but uses Intalot’s Orion sports betting platform. Via Paysafe, players are now able to deposit or withdraw winnings using the platform’s Transact interface, choosing from credit or debit card payments, processed through Paysafe’s Skrill USA digital wallet.

Zak Cutler, CEO of the North America iGaming division at Paysafe, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Intralot Inc to bring our payment platform to the Montana Lottery’s online sportsbook. The solution plugs Sports Bet Montana into every payment method its customers will ever need and has a back-end robust enough to optimize payment acceptance and safeguard the offering.”

Furthermore, Paysafe’s platform aims to analyze back-end components of a sportsbook to provide reporting and analytic tools to monitor transactions, and eventually streamline the payment process.

Lastly, Paysafe’s offering will allow Montana sports bettors the ability to add new payment methods including the company’s proprietary eCash card.

“Given the relationship between high converting payment methods and operators’ revenue growth, we feel that our platform is a game-changer for the US market,” Culter concluded.

Paysafe is currently operational in 12 countries globally, utilizing 40 currencies and employing 3,400 people.

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