September 30, 2021 Sports Betting, Land Based, Partnerships

Elys, Grand Central announce sportsbook opening date


The restaurant and bar-based sportsbook in Washington, D.C. will open on October 4, 2021.

Elys Game Technology and the Grand Central Restaurant and Bar have today announced the official opening date for their real-money sportsbook. From October 4, 2021, patrons will be able to place bets on sporting events at the Washington D.C. property.

“This moment has been eagerly awaited by our entire team and shareholders for the better part of three years and we are very pleased to share this significant milestone event with Brian Vasile and the team at Grand Central, along with all of our partners and CBE businesses in Washington, D.C. that were instrumental not only in preparing our technology and product delivery but also staff training and diligently planning for a successful opening,” commented Michele Ciavarella, executive chairman of Elys Game Technology.

The launch comes after Grand Central was granted a Class B Operator license by the District of Columbia’s Office of Lottery and Gaming. The two companies hope this will be the first of many restaurant-based sportsbooks.

“We expect that Grand Central and the integration of legalized sports betting operations within the restaurant venue could be a valuable template for numerous other small businesses across North America and provide an important live location for Elys to showcase its world-class, end-to-end sports betting technology and services also to casino operators, restaurant chains and other small business entrepreneurs,” Michele continued.

“In addition, we hope that the venue could serve as a model for regulators across the US and Canada to see how this turn-key solution could be applied in their jurisdictions to help drive economic development at the grass-roots level and invite all our friends and valued shareholders to experience our newly developed US facing products and services at the Grand Central Restaurant and Bar.”

Elys is operational in six tribal casinos throughout the United States. The company plans to expand further in North America by the end of 2021.

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