NCPG report revisits American gambling habits


The National Council on Problem Gambling releases follow-up to The National Survey of Gambling Attitudes and Gambling Experiences.

The National Council on Problem Gambling follow-up report to the National Survey provides an overview of national and state trends while also discusses the growth of sports betting during the pandemic.

With more US betting and gambling being legalized across America, it’s no surprise that its popularity continues to grow. With online and mobile gaming seeing the most growth during the pandemic.

“As America undergoes unprecedented gambling expansion, an accurate understanding of public sentiment enables legislatures, regulators, operators and vendors to make informed decisions,” said Keith Whyte, NCPG executive director (pictured).

The report found that three in four American adults engaged in some type of gambling, with lottery being the most popular form of gambling in the US.

It also highlighted that bettors show more problematic play indicators than those who don’t bet, which includes lying to hide gambling activities.

Younger adults were at a higher risk to gambling problems since in the survey half of those under the age of 35 felt they showed at least one indicator of risky behavior.

On a state level, the findings showed that restrictions to stop these problems had minimal effect. For example, in Hawaii and Utah there is no legal gambling, but more than half of the adults reported some form of gambling activity.

Whyte added: “We hope the new reports spur the public and private sectors to redouble their efforts to implement policies and allocate resources to create a safer gambling environment, as well as assist those who show signs of gambling addiction or are in recovery.”

The council will host a webinar on April 6 to provide an overview on its report, and the NCPG feels a follow-up to this survey will take place in the next 12 months.

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