Sightline Payments and Shift4 enter into online gaming and casino partnership


Sightline Payments has announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Shift4 Payments to power online gaming and sports betting payments for casinos and sports venues.

The partnership will see the two fintech companies deliver a payment service for hospitality, online and mobile gaming, on-premise gaming and sports betting venues, along with their patrons.

Sightline, a cashless gaming and betting payments solution, will use its online, mobile gaming and betting solutions to complement Shift4’s end-to-end payments, to deliver the all-inclusive payment ecosystem for the aforementioned venues.

Sightline Payments CEO Joe Pappano said: “As the world at large continues to shift away from cash and towards robust, forward-thinking digital payments solutions and loyalty programs, it is a pleasure to partner with a powerhouse like Shift4.

“We are already experiencing strong interest from opportunities we are cooperatively pursuing and look forward to continuing to expand our pipeline and delivering on the potential of this partnership.”

Speaking to Gaming America for January/February’s Contactless Payments Roundtable earlier this month, Pappano said the pandemic has accelerated the process of moving from cash to contactless and cashless payments.

He told Gaming America: “During the pandemic, cashless and contactless payment solutions have gained a lot of momentum and the demand for contactless increased significantly. We’ve seen interest in a cashless wallet for casinos and related gaming gain momentum with resort operators and patrons for its critical safety advantages.

“Many industries, including gaming, sports betting, lottery, etc. are moving away from cash and evolving and adapting to new cashless payment technologies from a health perspective or to accommodate the next generation. The pandemic has only sped up and accelerated this process.”

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