Nebraska’s racetrack casinos generate $8.9m in December revenue

January 23, 2024
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Players spent $89m during the year.

Nebraska’s four racetrack casinos reported close to $8.9m in December revenue, according to a local report in the Fremont Tribune. December’s revenue surpassed the previous monthly high.

Nebraska players let go of more than $89m this year on slot machines, table games and sports betting. The state just completed its first full year of casino gambling.

In a breakdown by casino, players spent more at Lincoln’s WarHorse Casino with a total of $51.5m during the year. Slots brought in $50.2m and sports betting generated another $1.3m.

WarHorse VP of Marketing Pete Graziano told local news that casino officials “are pleased with the full-year revenue numbers.”

He went on to add, “We’re very happy with the results we’ve seen so far.”

Graziano also discussed the casino’s plans for expansion during 2024. He told local news that the casino plans to open its expanded operation “sometime in the fourth quarter.”

The updates will more than double its casino floor space and will bring the number of slot machines on the floor from 425 to 800. The casino will also welcome another 10 table games.

In other state news, the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission recently released a recent report regarding the need for additional horseracing tracks around the state.

The regulator said the state “has no need for additional horse racing tracks beyond the ones already licensed,” according to the report.

The Commission went on to add that there is “more than sufficient capacity with the state’s existing six racing licenses to allow for a tripling or quadrupling of racing in Nebraska and “the data do not support the addition of more racing licenses.”


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