May 13, 2022 Sports Betting, Legal

Missouri sports betting unlikely to pass in 2022


Casinos refused three different sports bills according to a tweet from Missouri Senator Denny Hoskins

The 2022 legislative session in Missouri is unlikely to see a sports betting bill be passed. A series of tweets from Missouri Senator Denny Hoskins revealed a few of the issues that are holding up the passing of the bill.

Hoskins tweeted: "We offered 3 different bills on Sportsbook. The last offer was on Tuesday and all the pro sports teams (Chiefs, Royals, etc.), pro player orgs (MLBPA, NFLPA), mobile platforms (Fan Duel, Draft Kings) agreed to the deal. Unfortunately, the casinos said NO & the bill died."

In another tweet, Hoskins stated: "The senate bill handler (Hageman) said he would not bring up the bill unless everyone agreed to the bill. Since 2 casinos said NO DEAL, he did not bring up the bill."

This isn't the first time that the sports betting bill in Missouri stalled. In March, the Missouri House quickly pushed the bill through. However, once it landed on the senate floor, the bill died. 

Mike Leara, Chairman of the Missouri Gaming Commission said: "The Gaming Commission projects approximately $9 million per year in new tax revenue to the state. We expect a bill to pass this session or likely next year. Missouri will soon be surrounded by states allowing sports betting, that just may be too much for the legislature to ignore."

Adam Marschel a St. Louis, Missouri resident, told News 4 that he drives to Illinois to place legal bets. 

Marschel stated: "Keep our tax dollars here in Missouri instead of making me drive over to Illinois to place a bet. They’re just sending all of Missouri residents to other states to place bets. Make money that’s what they want to docollect tax dollars. It’s an easy way to do it."

A contrary opinion was made by Daniel Smith, Clinical Director for BetNoMore Gambling Programs, who said: "I sincerely hope that it does not pass."

On Friday, the legislative session for Missouri will conclude. 

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