January 14, 2022 Sports Betting, Online, Marketing

PointsBet Canada is going to Sunnyvale Trailer Park


Sportsbook signs multi-year, exclusive partnership with the Trailer Park Boys.

PointsBet Canada and the Trailer Park Boys on Friday unveiled an exclusive partnership that will see PointsBet go where no other sportsbook has gone before – Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

The two parties said the multi-year deal will include authentic content collaboration appearing on the Trailer Park Boys and PointsBet Canada-owned channels.

The Trailer Park Boys will be appearing in PointsBet’s advertising campaigns, activations and special VIP-style events.

In conjunction with the announcement of the new partnership, PointsBet Canada released a clip teasing the company’s first ad featuring the Trailer Park Boys, which consumers will see beginning Monday, January 17.

Originally founded in Australia, PointsBet has become one of the fastest growing online gaming operators in the United States. With the legalization of single-game wagering, the company is coming to Canada.

“Our mission from day one has been to build a sportsbook as authentically Canadian as poutine,” Nic Sulsky, Chief Commercial Officer of PointsBet Canada, said in a statement. “And nothing says Canadiana more than the Trailer Park Boys. We are thrilled to have Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian join Canada’s Sportsbook to bring fans a new, innovative experience.”

Bubbles added: “I am very excited to be teaming up with PointsBet Canada. I get to meet all kinds of cool Canadian athletes AND everything will be totally legal, which is a new thing for Ricky and Julian. I think it's fantastic!”

Ricky said, “As a proudest Canadian, I think it's a real flattering being asked to be part of this. This celebrates Canadian sports, and I can't wait to meet a bunch of our bestest in the world athletes.”

When asked about the Boys’ deal with PointsBet Canada, Julian added, “It’s great to finally have a legit job with such a cool company. I'm proud of myself.”

David Rivers, Vice-President of Marketing for PointsBet Canada, chimed in, “Whether it is Curling Canada, the NHLAA, or the Trailer Park Boys, we are committed to building a brand and identity that acknowledges the little intricacies that make us all proud to be Canadian.”

PointsBet is a corporate bookmaker listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with operations in Australia, the United States, Canada and Ireland. PointsBet has developed a scalable cloud-based wagering platform through which it offers its clients sports and racing wagering products, advance deposit wagering on racing (ADW) and iGaming.

TPB Productions is a Nova Scotia-based company indirectly controlled by actors Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay and Robb Wells. The company owns and manages all intellectual property rights associated with Trailer Park Boys, including Canadian and international trademarks, copyrights and music publishing assets.

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