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Care to buy virtual real estate in Metaverse Las Vegas?


Blockchain company will provide seller financing, including for mayor role.

BOTS, a global technology conglomerate specializing in Blockchain-based solutions, on Monday said it is commencing offering seller financing to accelerate the development of its upcoming Metaverse based on terrestrial Las Vegas.

The company acquired the domain VEGAS.MV for this project, which it said will launch in early 2022.

BTZI said it will provide up to 100% low-interest seller financing to qualified buyers, as well as a small down payment secured by a note and deed of trust to less qualified buyers.

Company officials said in a statement they believe the project is “breaking ground as pioneers,” and will “set a trend” by showing the world that virtual real estate can involve notes and deeds of trust.

BOTS added it will offer for sale at a discount from face value its seller-financed notes to “those brave investors willing to speculate on the future of the new Metaverse worlds quickly emerging.”

The MetaBOTS platform reportedly will be designed to allow consumers, a variety of end-users, entertainers, business operators, influencers, as well as creative virtual real estate developers, to own and manage their personal and business properties in this Metaverse.

According to the company, the Vegas.MV city will feature 3D-themed entertainment options, a virtual golf course, and virtual restaurants where customers can “walk in” and order from the virtual menus in a way that will allow orders to be delivered in real life to their homes. Also, there will be open virtual parks where users can play, meet up with virtual friends, and build their communities.

Seller financing will be available for those who wish to become mayor, sheriff or otherwise hold an important role in this virtual Vegas, BTZI said.

While the notes initially will be denominated in US dollars, the first cryptocurrency that BOTS will accept as principal and interest will be Coin.

BTZI said the reason it chose to highlight $CRO was due to the arena in Los Angeles formerly known as Staples Center being rebranded as, which it said symbolizes the emergence of the crypto industry into the mainstream of American culture.

In anticipation of what it predicted will be “huge demand” from individuals, public and private companies, BTZI said it has begun accepting seller financing to the first participants at a “steep discount” prior to complete development.

The company also is developing a cryptocurrency it says will become one of the currencies of the future city. NFTs will play an “integral role” in forming the atmospheres of many aspects of Vegas.MV Metaverse.

Simon Rubin, chairman and interim CEO of BOTS, noted Artificial Real Estate in virtual worlds has fetched “astounding” prices in real dollar values, and predicted this phenomenon has only just begun and is destined for a future “far greater than the Internet itself.”

“We believe that seller financing for the Metaverse Economy and ‘VEGAS.MV’ represents the best strategy to build out a Vegas-style Metaverse, which shall include hotels, casinos, real estate and a plethora of Las Vegas-style virtual entertainment,” Rubin said in a statement. “We plan to offer exclusive partnerships to build a Metaverse experience on www.Vegas.MV, which will become a global online virtual platform for collective experiences connecting millions of people every day.”

BOTS’ offerings include decentralized finance applications and cybersecurity solutions. It owns a portfolio of digital assets and crypto-related businesses such as BeadSwap, a decentralized crypto exchange, Bitcoin ATM machines, and corresponding US patents and Cyber Security Group LLC, an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certified company.

The company also provides crypto mining consulting, optimization, and crypto mining equipment repair and insurance.

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