December 8, 2021 Sports Betting, Online, Land Based

Oregon sports betting handle down, GGR up in November


More money wagered on basketball than football last month.

Sports bettors in Oregon wagered $32.6m in November, down slightly from $37.6m in October, according to figures released by the Oregon Lottery.

Gross gaming revenue for November was more than $4.4m, on a sparkling 13.55% margin – which the regulator defines as the percent of profit the operator realizes on each $1 bet.

In contrast, October’s GGR was $3m on 8.03% margin, while in September GGR was $1.2m on 5.02% margin.

Handle and the number of unique active players picked up considerably once football season started in September, the state said. In August, 12,863 bettors placed $17.6m in wagers. Those numbers jumped to 24,965 and $25.07m in September as the National Football League commenced play.

In October there were 27,781 unique active players, a number that dipped slightly to 26,844 in November.

Football had been the top sport to bet on in both September ($9.7m in handle, ahead of $6.7m placed on baseball) and October ($15.4m, almost doubling $8.9m on basketball). In November, however, basketball surged ahead with $13.5m in wagers, with football at $11.1m.

The players have gotten worse at picking football winners as the season has gone along. In September, margin on football wagers was 5.55%, leading to GGR of $538,346. October’s margin was 6.38%, with GGR of $984,901. Last month, margin on gridiron bets soared to 24.55%, with GGR of more than $2.7m.

By comparison, margin on basketball wagers in November was 7.59%, with GGR of slightly more than $1.02m.

Oregon legalized sports betting in August 2019, but only on professional sports. Wagers are not accepted on college athletics.

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