Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix congestion causes restaurant cancellations

November 10, 2023

Delays, cancellations and reduced employee tips are causing restaurants across the Strip to struggle due to congestion caused by the F1 circuit construction.

Due to the construction work being undertaken to complete the Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix race circuit, some restaurants across the Strip are struggling to maintain consistent business, with cancellations and reduced staff hours causing uncertainty. 

The inaugural race, set to take place between November 16 to 18, will see F1 take to the Vegas Strip with notable locations including the Bellagio Fountain Club set to host the Winner’s Stage.  

Construction of the racecourse, and other various assets, has caused traffic in the area to increase, with restaurants along the Strip most heavily affected. Golden Steer Steakhouse Co-owner Amanda Signorelli said her team has had to warn customers of the congestion, having told customers they, “should anticipate taking at least 30 minutes to get here where you’re coming from.” 

This is despite the Strip only measuring in at 4.2 miles long.  

Some restaurant owners have expressed a desire for F1 to acknowledge the impact the race has had on restaurants, especially considering that this race is only the first Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix. 

Battista’s Hole in the Wall owner Randy Markin said that it has been experiencing up to 100 cancellations per night, greatly impacting staff and their finances. “Staff hours have been cut because of the drop in business and because of that drop, tip totals per employee have fallen about 20% to 25%,” he said.  

Spill out from the congestion has gone on to impact restaurants off of the main Strip, also. It is therefore advised that those visiting the trip on and around the Las Vegas Formula One Grand Prix do so with caution and provide themselves with extra travel time in order to reach their destinations.  



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