September 15, 2020 Casino, Technology, Online, Land-Based

Synergy Blue CEO: Pandemic has made industry ripe for innovation


Synergy Blue CEO Georg Washington believes the gaming industry is in need of creativity as a result of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking with Gaming America for the upcoming edition of its magazine, Washington explained how the pandemic has created certain challenges for the gaming supplier.

He said: “For us, being  a supplier to the casino industry, there has obviously been a slow down from a sales perspective.

“However, from a product development perspective we kept that same speed knowing that we aree going to have to continue to innovate and be at the forefront.”

Although sales have been down, Washington argues that the necessity for adaptation towards the changing landscape has created an even greater need for creativity from gaming suppliers.

In a study conducted in April 2020 involving 1,000 gamblers, Synergy Blue found that younger players were most confident in returning to casinos sooner in the US. As a result, the supplier has catered its offering towards this demographic.

Washington explained: “Synergy Blue’s games are very much designed to appeal to that younger gambler who is used to having their games in their pockets on their cell phones.

“For any brick-and-mortar business out there that is looking to innovate – which I believe all of them are – there will be plenty of new ways of adapting to the situation.”

Washington was speaking to Gaming America for the Sep/Oct version of its magazine. Click here to find it once available. 

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