July 15, 2020 Legal, Land-Based

Las Vegas bars file lawsuit against Governor's closure order


While casinos and other establishments remain open in the Silver State, bars feel they have been unfairly targeted.

A large number of bars in Las Vegas have filed a lawsuit challenging closure orders from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, as reported by the state's local press.

Last week, Sisolak ordered bars that do not serve food to cease operations in seven counties: Clark, Washoe, Elko, Humboldt, Lander, Lyon and Nye, which covers just under 95% of the Nevada’s population.

The lawsuit claims Sisolak has unfairly targeted bars while allowing other properties to stay open, noting most bars have higher rates of mask-wearing compliance.

The suit also says there is no evidence rising COVID-19 cases in Nevada can be attributed to individuals attending bars.

It states: “The disparate treatment of bars and taverns is unreasonable because there is no rational basis for treating bars and taverns differently than other, similarly situated, non-essential businesses."

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