October 11, 2021 Interview

Roundtable: At G2E SuzoHapp calls for mobile, land-based unity ahead of 2022


Gaming America writer Michael Bartlett discussed the future of gaming and the company’s strategy for 2022 with Tiffany Sadler, global marketing director.

At last week’s Global Gaming Expo, Gaming America caught up with Tiffany Sadler, global marketing director at SuzoHapp to look back on 2021 and discuss the upcoming year.

What is a key shift you have seen happen in the gaming industry in 2021?

The sports betting market has really taken off. A lot of the growth and potential we see in the industry lies in the sports betting market.

What is a prediction you have for gaming in 2022?

In the next couple of years, hopefully starting in 2022, we will see a lot more conveniences for the end player. Cashless and even contactless payments, integrations with mobile apps, and more of a total omnichannel experience. We might even start to see facial recognition software used for payments security and engagement.

Can you briefly outline your strategy for next year?

Working with partners to customize full-scale solutions across their casinos. A sportsbook should not exist as a row of terminals, we need to think about where a customer is most comfortable and has the greatest ability to continue playing – such as at the bar. They can watch multiple games sitting in a comfortable chair, ordering food and drinks, the whole experience. We will be working with our partners on how to design that whole immersive experience that makes the player the happiest.

How do you see 2022 going for both the online gaming market and the land-based one, respectively?

We will see a lot of growth in land-based as people want to return to in-person experiences. But we need to, as an industry, connect the two experiences. People have enjoyed the online experience on their phones, so how can we bring that to the land-based area? How do we reach the customers who have isolated themselves during the pandemic?

Look out for the November edition of the Gaming America magazine for more roundtable content.

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