September 27, 2019 Sports Betting, Legal

Superior Court grants restraining order on Intralot contract


Intralot’s no-bid sports gambling contract has been temporarily blocked by a District of Columbia Superior Court judge.

In July, council members in Washington D.C. voted to award lottery and sports betting operations to Intralot for the next five years.

The deal was reportedly worth $215m, with city officials claiming the operator provided the most expedient solution with the greatest return on investment.

Despite this, there were concerns of a conflict of interests over the deal, with council member Elissa Silverman quoted as saying "the whole thing stinks" after Intralot was initially awarded the contract.

Prior to the contract’s finalisation, the legislative process was dominated by an investigation into council member Jack Evans, the chief proponent of D.C. sports betting, who has several connections with Intralot.

The current restraining order was reportedly requested by the founder of a sports betting technology business, Dylan Carragher, who believed the contract violated the city’s procurement laws.

Carragher claimed the contract illegally barred him and other vendors from participating in the "potentially lucrative enterprise."

The Intralot contract was the first step taken by D.C. to introduce sports betting since it was approved over six months ago.

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