May 3, 2021 Casino, Technology, Online

FlowPlay launches in-game fundraiser to support cancer screening


Effort will support American Cancer Society’s campaign to prioritize preventive care.

FlowPlay, creator of connected gaming platforms, on Monday said it is launching a new, in-game fundraising campaign on behalf of the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Seattle-based FlowPlay was founded in 2006 and is primarily funded by Intel Capital and the creators of Skype.

The company’s consumer products include ourWorld, one of the most popular teen virtual worlds, Vegas World, a multiplayer social casino, and Casino World, an interactive and community-driven free-to-play social casino with tycoon gameplay.

During May, all Vegas World players will have the opportunity to donate to the American Cancer Society by purchasing a virtual in-game branded charm. This will contribute directly to the ACS’s “Get Screened” campaign, which encourages regular preventive screening to improve and save lives.

To date, FlowPlay has raised almost $265,000 for the ACS.

According to the ACS, one in three Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, but early detection may make it easier to treat. At the beginning of the pandemic, cancer screening rates decreased by nearly 90% for breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer, and recent reports indicate at least a 30% decline in the number of cancer screening tests being done compared to pre-pandemic years.

The pandemic also greatly impacted many individuals’ access to employer-sponsored health insurance, as nearly 12m Americans lost their jobs.

“Finding cancer in its earliest stages can be the difference between life and death,” Kari Dahlstrom of the American Cancer Society said in a statement. “Many people delayed getting recommended screenings due to the pandemic. Now it is important to talk to your doctor about getting those screenings that are recommended for you.”

Derrick Morton, co-founder and CEO of FlowPlay, added, “No matter the need, FlowPlay’s community always shows up to help. This is especially important, and appreciated, as we try to resume some sense of normalcy. I am proud that our players continue to make such an impact in the lives of others, and am hopeful this will start to become the norm, not the exception, within our industry.”

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