March 31, 2021 Sports Betting, Online

Peer-to-peer betting app iBETcha offers NCAA Buzzer BeaterChallenge


Bettors can win $25,000 if last-second shot wins NCAA Tournament game.

The newest entry in the peer-to-peer betting space, iBETcha, is promoting the launch of its app with a contest linked to this weekend’s college basketball championship games.

iBETcha, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Boston.

The company was founded in October 2020 and is in its first round of fundraising.

A beta version of the iBETcha app is available now on the Apple app store.

Players can make wagers against each other, or against the company.

The company said it will award $25,000 if a qualified entrant places an iBet on the Men's or Women's NCAA Finals winner and correctly calls a “buzzer beater,” which the company is defining as a winning shot in the final three seconds of the game.

The total award pool for the Buzzer Beater iBet Challenge is more than $50,000, the company said.

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, iBETcha listed other “prizes” available in the contest as: a round trip ticket to Las Vegas on Greyhound from anywhere in the continental US and a Starbucks gift card; an 8x10 original Chuck Norris signed photo (made out to Sheila); Birddogs Shorts; L.L. Bean socks; an Ellen mug; a set of steak knives; and more.

“March Madness is the most exciting three weeks of sporting activity in America. But millions of people suffered busted brackets almost immediately after the tournament started,” iBETcha founder John Ricci said in a statement. “This was a banner year for major upsets, so a lot of people are wishing they had a second chance. That's what the Buzzer Beater iBet Challenge is all about.”

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