Nov/Dec 2021

Editors Letter

How much better does it feel to look back on 2021 than 2020? For US gaming, this time last year was absolutely worlds apart, as casinos remained restricted, revolving credit facilities were extended and profit statements turned from black to red en masse. But, as actor Paul Rudd would say, "hey, look at us" this year.

As our focus turns to 2022, and the many genuinely exciting opportunities coming our way, what better way to round up 2021 than to finally be back at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas? We look back on October's event.

The key words repeatedly used by our reporters on the expo floor were "buzz" and "energy," and it was much the same for their many interviewees. It may have been a slightly different event to previous years – how could it not be given we've just endured a global pandemic? – but all the big players in the industry ensured they were present for the biggest tradeshow in US gaming.

There, like in this magazine, the sector came together to reflect on a year of both growth and change. Nevada casino revenues are booming, online revenue is soaring; and just when you thought sports betting couldn't grow any quicker, a bunch of new states regulated the vertical.

We have plenty of G2E-related content for you from the expo floor, including Q&As with TransAct, SuzoHapp, Bluberi, AXES and more, as well as a roundtable featuring interviewees exclusively from the home of their G2E booths.

Elsewhere in our final edition of 2021, we look back on the year that's been and gone, as well as previewing 2022, with regular contributors Oliver Lovat, Jeffrey Silver,The Innovation Group and SCCG Management.

Silver and Lovat both make some positive predictions ahead of 2022, as US gaming surges forward with the kind of revenue figures Macau casinos can at the moment only distantly dream of. Silver, in particular, thinks 2022 could be the best year in regulated US gaming history. What a return to prominence that would be following the disastrous, pandemic-embroiled 2020.

Last year, our industry rallied. This year, it recovered. Next year, will it prosper?

In The Magazine
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Sports betting analysts from The Game Day explore the world of betting tipsters, and explain how punters can find trust in this ever-growing service.

This Town's Not Big Enough For The Three Of Us

Gaming America contributor and Senior Analyst at Third Bridge, Harry Barnick, analyses the race for market share in the US. Out of industry behemoths, DraftKings, Flutter and Entain, who comes out on top?

The Card Of The Future

Imagine collecting data, loyalty points, eating and betting with the same card. Gaming America sat down with CEO Craig Libson and president Scott Walker who run Flexia Payments, the company that is bringing the world that very card.

Casinotrac Debuts Mobile App At G2e

Company creates two-way connection for players, as Michael Bartlett talks to Chad Hoehne.

Incredible Technologies Releases First New Platform Since 2013

Prism VXP features three screens, one triggered by game play. Michael Bartlett sits down with Caitlin Harte to find out more.

Bringing The Edge

Michael Bartlett speaks to TransAct Technologies SVP global casino and gaming, Tracey Chernay.

Data Solutions

We sat down with OPTX CEO Brooke Fiumara to speak about the state-of-the-art data aggregators her company has been developing.

Keeping Gaming Fun

Ezra Amacher talks with Keith Kruczynski, Gaming Arts VP of Game Development and Design, to hear about exciting trends in game design and the importance of music in the gaming experience.

Heavy Metal

Reels of Steel slot and Big Mech cabinet led Bluberi’s G2E portfolio. Michael Bartlett caught up with CCO Casey Whalen.

Open And Closed Loop

AXES CEO Earle G. Hall speaks exclusively to Gaming America at G2E.

Tapping In

SuzoHapp is looking to tap the surge in US sports betting popularity, offering new printers and terminals at G2E. Michael Bartlett caught up with global marketing director Tiffany Sadler at the show to find out more.

Have You Tried 22? I Said 22

Regular Gaming America contributor Oliver Lovat looks back on 2021, anticipating record gaming volumes in 2022

Will The Digital World Still Need Bricks-and-mortar Casinos?

Following his recent induction into the American Gaming Association’s Hall of Fame, Jeffrey Silver, Of Counsel with Dickinson Wright and regular Gaming America contributor, asks an all-important question for US gaming firms.


Stephen Crystal, Founder of SCCG Management, discusses the growing phenomenon of peer-to-peer esports wagering

Open-market Casino Development: Results And Prospects

Thomas Zitt, EVP, The Innovation Group, looks into the land-based US gaming trends that determine licensing frameworks.

Interlocking Legos

Christopher Justice, Global Payments President, speaks to Gaming America on the subject of cashless payments.

From The Top: G2e Roars Back

More than 13,000 attendees bring the buzz: Michael Bartlett reports as new products signal the future of our industry.

Product Reviews