Product Review: Mighty Hammer Ultimate machine

January 23, 2024

Zitro Mighty Hammer Ultimate WAP in Panama.

Zitro has integrated Wide Area Progressive (WAP) technology into its Mighty Hammer Ultimate machines at 16 Fantastic casino locations in Panama.

Mighty Hammer Ultimate itself is not a new game. The mythologically inspired slot game utilizes Zitro’s Link Up and Link King features, with three additional bonus links including bonus jewels and bonus thunder. The game has four jackpot levels and uses a 4x5 slot display.

Moreover, the Altius Glare cabinet, which Mighty Hammer Ultimate calls home, launched in early 2022. The machine was designed with the intention to, according to Zitro Founder Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, “exceed the expectations of players and our global partners,” with modern tech and connectivity behind it allowing for continued growth and development.

One of these developments has been seen in Panama, with Zitro’s first Wide Area Progressive (WAP). The technology, which was introduced to machines at 16 Fantastic casino locations in Panama, South America, allows the machines to be interconnected to offer a large collective jackpot. The machines were connected via the UNIDESA Forward system and mathematically redesigned to accommodate the new tech.

The integration across 16 locations will additionally create community and interconnectivity between Fantastic casinos and the venues’ visitors. It will also mean increased jackpot sizes for players, giving these WAP-integrated machines a competitive edge against typical Mighty Hammer Ultimate machines.

Zitro International President Sebastián Salat said, “The launch of our first WAP in Panama is a significant milestone for Zitro, confirming our company as a provider of machines for these WAP application where Zitro’s gaming machines, installed in various casinos, are interconnected using the operator’s own system to build and offer common prizes.”

He also went on to express gratitude towards the Zitro team and the ‘seamless’ integration of the UNIDESA Forward system.


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