Analyzing the future of game design and Eclipse Gaming's activities in 2023

January 23, 2024

Gaming America spoke to Eclipse Gaming's CEO, Tim Minard, about expanding in North America, the potential of Augmented Reality and the power of nostalgia.

As the CEO of Eclipse Gaming, Tim Minard spends a lot of time thinking about what makes a game memorable and engaging. He spoke with Gaming America about the future of game design and Eclipse Gaming’s activities in 2023.

What has 2023 been like for Eclipse Gaming?

It’s been a really great year so far. Our Cash Arcade Series™ of games launched its first two titles at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the Big Shake Neon™ and the Big Shake Carnival™ respectively. We are extremely proud to say that both games have made the Eilers & Krejcik top 10 list multiple times. We’ve continued to expand our team across multiple areas of the business including game development, sales and IT, to name a few. We have also expanded our game footprint into new markets and new states. All of this was of course planned, but we take pride in executing the goals we set ourselves. I have to also say we have built a great team and our progress in the industry has only been possible because of the amazing team we have formed at Eclipse.

What do you see as the next horizon for gaming and game design?

Probably the biggest items on the horizon are the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and gamification into the player experience. AR to enhance the in-person casino experience through interactive elements like stats, avatars or mobile device integration. Gamification adds another layer to this by involving players in rewards, achievements and player progression, to encourage friendly competition and player retention. Land-based casinos are overdue for an added layer of interactive experience. The sky is the limit there.

What have you found makes a game entertaining and memorable?

First and foremost, engaging themes, math, rich audio, immersive graphics and the overall emotional ride, but these are simply standard now. Elements that stand out now are leaning more towards user interface and innovative features. The addition of community and social features inevitably takes that one step further. Land-based gaming can learn a lot from progressions in the mobile sphere and the companies that shift to cater to more interactive tastes will ultimately make the greatest impact in the years to come.

What’s your favorite game in Eclipse’s portfolio? And why?

I would have to say the Big Shake Series. They are beautifully designed games; our art team knocked it out of the park! But additionally, and just as important, their mechanics are recognizable and feature-forward. Simply put, the Big Shake Series draws people in. The bright colors, coin pusher theme and immersive audio tracks, which you can change while playing, keep players engaged and entertained. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of these games!

Eclipse’s games cover a wide gamut of themes – fantasy, mythology, Westerns. What game theme would you most like to see your company develop?

I wouldn’t say a specific theme necessarily, but rather games that provide a certain nostalgia. Like our Cash Arcade Series™ that includes already released games the Big Shake Neon™, the Big Shake Carnival™, and soon to be released, Duck Dollars™. We are just beginning to explore the vast number of possibilities we can pull from certain time periods.

We want to develop games that remind people of fun times in their lives. Which in these cases, is the carnival. The largest demographic for slot players at this time were either adolescents or young adults in the '70s and '80s. We want our games to resonate with players; we want them to feel a connection.


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