Analyzing Relax Gaming's launch into the US market as RLX Gaming

January 23, 2024

Relax Gaming CEO Simon Hammon reflects on the company's launch into the US market as RLX Gaming.

Fresh name, same approach

RLX Gaming is the new kid on the block in New Jersey. But CEO Simon Hammon was keen to stress that despite not carrying the Relax Gaming name, this remains the same company that is known across Europe. He tells Gaming America...

We have been successful in the European market over the last several years, in part thanks to our portfolio of iGaming content. We are heading into this new chapter with the same goal as ever, to be the best in the business.

The key to growth and prosperity in any new market is listening to the players, learning what it is they want and optimizing our offering accordingly, whether that be through brand-new content, or tailoring our current batch of games to suit an American audience.

RLX Gaming plans to hit the ground running on day one of its brand-new American adventure, launching with two top performers to start and then following up with a collection of slot releases and a host of table games.

Money Train set to stop at all US stations

Unsurprisingly, among the first games considered for the US market was Money Train 3. We’re incredibly excited to see how it fares in the US.

Much like the studio itself, the only difference between Money Train 3 overseas and in the US will be its name. Here it will be known as Great Western 3, a name that’s much more in sync with an American audience. With its base gameplay, features and bonus round, we have full confidence this title will be well received.

Launching alongside Great Western 3 will be Temple Tumble, It’s Time, Snake Arena, and Book of 99. Essentially, we have got something for every type of slot player within our US portfolio. This diverse range of games not only serves as an introduction to RLX Gaming but also plays a pivotal part in our strategy to gain important insight into the preferences of this new audience in terms of mechanics, themes and overall gaming experience.

Leveraging the popularity of table games amongst American players

When setting our long-term plans for the US, we had to acknowledge the country’s strong affinity for table games. With such a rich land-based heritage in the US, it felt crucial for us to deliver a selection of table games that will immediately resonate with players.

The first two table games that will be released in the US are Blackjack Neo and Roulette Noveau. We are extremely confident these will be top performers in New Jersey. The user experience, presentation and overall entertainment offered by these games are tailored to resonate with the preferences of American players, both casual and serious.”

The importance of table games cannot be underestimated when taking a new brand into the US. While these may not be a main product focus for most suppliers, they serve as a fantastic gateway for players when exploring what they have to offer for the very first time.

Looking ahead to the future in the US

RLX Gaming's long-term focus in the US is nothing short of total success, with the company’s sights firmly set on becoming a market leader. Our commitment to the US iGaming market remains unwavering. There’s a lot to come from us in the next 12 months and beyond, and it’s going to be one very exciting journey for all involved.

In the upcoming year, you can expect constant optimization of our content based on our extensive findings on the US market, as well as our learnings from offering iGaming products in Ontario. The 2024 roadmap will reflect our dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and solidifying our position in the dynamic landscape of online gaming in New Jersey.


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