Product Review: Acres Cashless Casino 

November 22, 2023

Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas Product Innovation of the Year

Acres Cashless Casino is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective path to implementing cashless gaming at any casino.  

There is no doubt that cashless is the future of casinos. The benefits for both casinos and players make it an easy choice. Early deployments of Acres' Foundation cashless gaming has proven that cashless players increase their play and visitation and incorporating innovative player loyalty features into Cashless Casino is a key differentiator in the player experience.   

Cashless Casino is the industry’s only solution capable of processing both real-time gaming data and conducting cashless transfers to and from any slot machine or table game.  

Deploying the application is simple, as casinos only need to pick a payment processor and provide a mobile app. The casino’s app then becomes the user interface. Players use the mobile app to virtually 'card in' and start a rated play session. During play, point balances accrue in real-time and players are incentivized to continue playing when a new tier status is approaching.  

Cashless Casino works on any slot machine or table game, including those connected to casino management systems from Aristocrat, IGT, Konami and Light & Wonder. These legacy solutions continue to account for play and loyalty data, while Foundation processes the entire machine event stream in real-time, resulting in over x1,000 more data being provided to the casino.  

Cashless Casino also allows gaming operators to transition away from physical player cards, kiosks and direct mail, all of which are quickly being abandoned by other industries. It also has the added benefits of maximizing operating efficiency and driving a better overall player experience. Acres Cashless Casino can be installed in as little as 100 days. 


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