Product Review: Evolution's Live Craps

November 22, 2023

Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas Digital Product of the Year

Craps from Evolution is an exciting and unique live casino version of the popular land-based Craps game. Craps stays true to the game rules and complexity that makes this such a beloved game for experienced players but also offers an ‘easy mode’ for players who are still new to Craps.   

Craps is set in a masterfully crafted speakeasy-themed studio which creates a pleasant ambience and provides dynamic statistics about ‘hot’ numbers and ‘popular bet spots’ to add another layer of engagement.  

The aim of the game is to predict the outcome of a two-standard dice roll, which is rolled by an automatic shooter. As with classic land-based Craps, Craps from Evolution has two stages of the game. The ‘come out’ roll and the ‘point’ roll. The game provides a wide array of betting options, from one-roll bets to multi-roll bets, catering to diverse player strategies.  

The user interface of Craps includes a comprehensive betting grid and a unique ‘my numbers’ display that highlights the numbers you’re rooting for and the potential payouts if the players’ number hits.   

For those new to Craps, the game offers an ‘easy mode’ with a simplified user interface and easier betting options. The game also provides a tutorial for new players to understand the nuances of the game and get more familiar with Craps.  

Craps offers an engaging and dynamic gaming experience that combines chance with strategy. Its compelling features and accessibility make it an exciting choice for all types of players. Don’t miss out on the thrill of online Craps!  


Nov/Dec 2023

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