How dealerless tables provide more opportunities

November 22, 2023

Jackpot Digital's Mathieu McDonald describes how the company's dealerless tables provide extra mini games and big-game opportunities.

What are the benefits of going ‘dealerless?' 

The benefits of Jackpot Blitz, our dealerless electronic multiplayer poker solution, are obvious for casino operators: more hands per hour, no HR costs or headaches, more revenue, fully automated tournaments and faster, error-free game play. But players also love Jackpot Blitz due to the multitude of additional bets and actions available on the table. Players can Bet The Flop, or enjoy mini games such as blackjack, baccarat and video poker at their seat while engaged in a hand of poker. The user experience is smooth, fast and crisp, allowing for maximum entertainment and betting action. Jackpot Blitz is more action and more fun for players, and improves the bottom line for casinos. 

Other than the dealerless feature, what makes your machines unique from other ETGs? 

Jackpot Blitz truly enhances the poker experience for players. Because of our unique offering of several side bets and mini games, Jackpot Blitz offers players a level of action and entertainment that a live dealer simply cannot match. 

What would you say about the elimination of jobs that comes with operating a dealerless model? 

It is largely unknown outside of casino circles how difficult it is to find and retain experienced dealers at many casinos around the world.  Many of our customers have actually thanked us for saving their poker rooms because they couldn’t meet the staffing needs to run a 24/7 poker room. Jackpot Blitz has reinvigorated poker offerings at casinos that simply couldn’t find or keep their dealers.  

What has it been like partnering with Carnival Cruise ships and how different is working with sea-based casinos to land-based? 

Carnival has been a fantastic partner of ours for years. Obviously, space is a constraint on board any cruise ship, so we’re very excited about the opportunity for multi-table tournaments as we roll out our land-based tables. Tournaments are a key advantage of Jackpot Blitz, because it allows operators to run tournaments literally 24/7 if they wish, with almost no staffing requirements. 

In a video on your website, CEO Jake Kalpakian says he envisions the Jackpot Blitz table “in every casino floor in every geographic region.” How close are you to that goal? 

We’ve already accumulated a significant order backlog in advance of receiving GLI [certification] for the product. Now that we have GLI for our land-based Jackpot Blitz, orders and interest have accelerated above our already heavy pace of demand pre-GLI. We already have orders from four continents and that will only grow as Jackpot Digital moves into 2024 and beyond.   

What are Jackpot Digital’s plans for the future? Are you working on adding more games or more types of poker to the Blitz? 

We see Jackpot Blitz as a casino 'smart table,' and one of the greatest advantages of Jackpot Blitz is the ability to continually enhance the product with new games and features, like being able to order drinks and food from your seat, for example. We’re always looking to keep our offering fresh. We’ve got a healthy pipeline of new side bets and mini games under development, and our casino customers who have Jackpot Blitz installed will be the beneficiaries of this new content as we roll it out onto the market.   


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