How technology is changing the guest experience at casinos

November 22, 2023

Felicia Gassen, Chief of Staff & Chief Administrative Officer at Sightline, spoke with Gaming America about the benefits of cashless tech at casinos, why new technologies are changing the way guests engage with land-based casinos and more.

What aspects of the guest experience can technology enhance overall... Is it more than just withdrawing and playing? 

It’s no surprise that patrons want and need from casinos the same type of digital experience they have outside of the casino. So, when we compare the consumer experience outside of gaming to the casino itself and we think about what technology can do for them, it can, should and must be more than withdrawing and playing. Yes, those are two important pieces to the overall puzzle; however, they are just two pieces. Sightline’s technology allows patrons to access everything a casino has to offer and does it all in one place. Think about how a patron interacts with a casino, from before arrival to after they leave the property, they book a room, show and/or restaurant reservations. They enroll in the loyalty program, check-in and get a digital key, look for what games are on the floor and what promotions are happening, and more. With a Sightline app, the patron can interact with every part of the casino and resort – before they arrive and while they are on the property, plus they can continue their experience after they leave and before they arrive for their next visit. What this means is technology can enhance the guest experience before, during and after their stay; with mobile and cashless technology that is secure and user-friendly. All of this combines to create a situation where the casino can offer more touchpoints to the patron and for the casino to communicate with patrons and build loyalty. 

How would you say cashless technology makes the guest experience different at Resorts World, compared to other casinos? 

Resorts World Las Vegas was a technological leap forward for the gaming industry and we were thrilled to bring cashless technology to the resort. 

The cashless technology we deployed at Resorts World Las Vegas provides patrons with a better experience on the casino floor and throughout the entire resort. With Sightline’s technology, patrons at Resorts World can remotely enroll on their mobile device without visiting a kiosk, cage or loyalty desk. The Sightline platform provides patrons with an FDIC-insured debit account that safely secures their funds, and also allows incredible flexibility in how and where patrons spend their winnings; all without having to withdraw money back to a bank account or convert it to cash. Our cashless technology provides patrons with the ability to have one payment account to fund their cashless gaming at slots and at tables, as well as make sports wagers through the Resorts World sports betting app. This was a leap forward and created a safe and secure way for patrons to fund, win and spend their money how they want and where they want throughout the resort. 

Tell us about your goals for 2024. 

Sightline is a fascinating company – we are a group of technologists who understand consumer behavior. That’s an exciting combination, for us and for our customers. So, as we think about 2024 and our goals for enhancing the guest experience, we will be focusing on what patrons want from their total casino experience – more than just gaming – the entire experience. That said, our first goal will be to further reduce the time it takes for a guest to enroll, fund and start playing on the casino floor. While enrollment and funding can be done prior to arriving at the casino, we want to give guests the fastest possible experience when enrolling and funding on the casino floor. Additionally, we want to create a mobile and cashless experience that makes sense for patrons, that gives our customers a platform to showcase their entire portfolio of offerings and providers a way to build loyalty and engage patrons before, during and after their visit. 


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