Product Review: Ditronics' Cash Dispenser Solution DTX-510D

September 18, 2023

Increasing cash access services.

Since 1998, through the nation’s gaming growth, Ditronics has steadily evolved as a single-source provider of technologies for cash access services. As the gaming industry evolved, the need for cash-dispensing devices was identified providing speed, accuracy and security in cash handling. The software available with these devices used scrape technology which severely limited their functionality in gaming. Through its experience in providing cash access services, Ditronics identified an industry need. The need being, casinogoers gaining access to their cash, with casino properties needing to handle that cash. Thus, Ditronics launched its new cash dispenser solution (the DTX-510D) directly interfaced with casino management systems (CMS) and integrated with cash access services, powered by our proprietary DTX-Link Software.

As a result, Ditronics has developed a way to make that cash handling more efficient. The DTX-510D is designed with features which accommodate various functions of cash management and customer cash services such as; dispensing cash or issuing tickets for cash advance and check cashing, ticket redemption and issuance/split cash, jackpot processing/payout and general cash and ticket issuance for other applications.

The DTX-510D/Link system supports multiple cashiers, a coin or coinless operation, a screen scrape option for specialized applications and a robust reporting, monitoring and control system that can handle one to hundreds of DTX-510D/link cash dispensers. This must-have device conveniently fits securely under a standard 36” counter with greater access for cage cashiers and floor attendants.

The DTX-510D coupled with the link software is a simple, economic and convenient solution to your cash management needs. In an industry quickly taking on a cashless image, most players still want a cash option. Either way, Ditronics continues to define the future of funds access with a fully integrated suite of products and services, including a digital wallet with mobile banking functionality.


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