Table Trac G2E Preview: Making things smooth & seamless

September 15, 2023

Table Trac, Inc. President and CEO, Chad Hoehne, says his company's booth will focus on substance over sizzle at G2E.

What can you tell me about any exhibits CasinoTrac will have at G2E?

We’re happy to come to G2E with an expanded footprint on our casino booth space and a brand-new booth that we are proud to roll out to showcase our features. We have lots of room to demo for potential clients or people who want to learn more about our product lines. We'll have live player loyalty kiosks, live games connected to the system, our KioskTrack product, what we call 'KT Mobile,' which is the mobile app extension of the kiosk functionalities for player loyalty. We’ll also show the core operations of our system. When it comes to being able to see how the slot floor is designed, how the slot floor operates and what the revenue audit process looks like. There’s a lot of things that have to happen before you get to the bells and whistles that are a lot of fun –and those things have to be solid. The CasinoTrac system has a solid platform from an architecture that’s proven with incredible uptime. On top of that we layer both a SQL (structured query language) and a banking-industry-type of ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) table database, which gives us incredible capacity and speed in a transactional world. Sitting on a Linux DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) cluster platform also gives us some unique characteristics that have only been exposed in the last three years, which provides a high degree of resistance to ransomware and viruses. The platform and architecture have a natural resistance to those types of issues. We’re going to showcase that at G2E. We’re going to showcase our revenue audit process, which has some unique auditor tools. That is exciting for auditing, although from a casino-floor buzz and the lights and bells it’s not that exciting. The outcry from the audit department becomes deafening within organizations that are struggling in those areas. We recognize that. So, we’ve spent extra time making our revenue audit process smooth and seamless, and we also provide our customers access to a team of revenue audit specialists. They provide advice when one-off situations occur on gaming floors.

It sounds like you’re going to have a very robust and serious exhibit for conventioneers to see.

We’re particularly proud to showcase our DataTrac product too, which is a slot-floor and loyalty marketing data analytics system of live dashboards for presentation of various analytic data and analysis for operators; whether they’re trying to determine optimization of their slot floor or trying to optimize their promotional offerings based upon their customers mix. That tool is built to enhance the visibility into the data the customer needs in order to take those reams and volumes of data, and boil it down to something you can actually make a decision based on. You’ve been coming to G2E for years now.

What do you look forward to most at the show?

I love the interactions down on the floor. I like to be at the booth. I like to walk around and visit other booths, visit with other people in our industry who we are working with. Sometimes G2E gives us the opportunity to work with new organizations and develop partnerships. A lot of times, we have a group of vendors in a location and we all need to cooperate with one another to create a happy customer.

What do you think the big headlines or big takeaways will be from G2E this year?

I believe they will continue in the vein of cashless. I think there’s going to be innovation. There are going to be products shown that provide innovative ways to make the customer journey on the cashless side more palatable and more appealing. This will probably be less expensive from a fee-structure standpoint as we go forward; to make those feature sets available to operators that are down in the middle section of the casino segment, to be able to bring that same guest experience to a mid-size casino operator that the very, very large are producing. And to do it in a way that gives that customer journey a very unrestricted path.


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