Passport Technology G2E Preview: Rooted in relationships

September 15, 2023

Gaming America spoke with Passport Technology's Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Diallo Gordon about G2E and R&D.

What are the benefits of G2E?

In the realm of gaming – a business rooted in relationships – the spotlight is undeniably on your offerings to convey your message. It’sessential to recognize that casino operators aren’t merely purchasing products; they’re seeking comprehensive solutions to intricate casino challenges. However, the significance of G2E transcends transactional exchanges. It serves as a bridge for fostering existing connections, amplifying their growth and an unparalleled opportunity to forge new bonds.

This is achieved through attentive listening to customers, engaging with regulators, comprehending the driving forces behind their operations and taking full responsibility when we fall short. Yet, our presence at G2E isn’t solely about reciting our narrative; it’s also about welcoming fresh, exhilarating breakthroughs within the fiercely competitive landscapes of loyalty and Fintech. Within this realm, we are fervently looking for advancements like streamlined casino automation tools, core cash access solutions, revolutionary loyalty programs, mobile/cashless innovations, and cutting-edge compliance measures. This heightened level of competition serves as an asset to G2E, propelling us forward as the industry trailblazer across every sector.

What products will you be displaying at the event?

Our mobile/cashless solution will be on display at G2E and we couldn’t be more excited to show what we’ve been up to. Our CashSuite solutions (core cash access – domestic and international) include ATM, Credit Card Cash Advance, Point of Sale (POS) Debit, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Check Cashing and Bill Breaking. Our loyalty solutions include the Lush loyalty & rewards HTML5 platform (kiosk and back office), Mira enrollment and reprint, integrated gifting and continuity and patron promotions and management. We are excited to show true vertical integration, low technical footprint, robust and open API’s, easy administration, and promotions that drive customer lifetime value.

Our cash and cage automation products reside on a fully integrated platform, which plays an integral part in modernizing the casino cage and slot floor. Furthermore, this year we are excited to showcase our JackpotUnity employee kiosk and integrated tablet tax forms. We will also show our LiveCage and Bank Builder Pro products. LiveCage powers the casino cage, drives staff efficiency, and provides cashiers a tool to deliver amazing service with zero variances. Bank Builder Pro automates the issuance of the employee bank to retail andresort outlets with a best-in-class cash recycler solution that affords operators security, interest savings, shrinkage reduction and efficiency.

What market trends led you to develop these products?

We’ve invested heavily into innovation precisely where our customers hunger for increased cash to the gaming floor, a distinctive edge through loyalty systems and seamless integration across divergent systems. Gaming has perennially posed formidable technological and intellectual entry barriers, magnified by the weight of stringent regulatory demands. This convergence creates a singular challenge for our industry.

The pandemic served as a profound educator, impressing upon us the imperative of self-service functionality, casino automation, loyalty programs and adaptable payment systems. These elements are imperative if casinos aspire to deliver uninterrupted services amid the formidable challenges posed by staffing shortages and the task of reclaiming customer patronage. This calculus isn’t easy, but it has propelled the development of our efficient solutions in loyalty and core cash access.

While the digital landscape evolves and coordinated cybercrime gains ground, the necessity for security remains unchanged. However, the demand for speed, pinpoint data accuracy, and enhanced tools to curtail risks has intensified. This impetus has driven theevolution of our compliance products.

What is Passport Technology looking to achieve next year?

We have a lot to do. We have several marquee customers that have put their trust and faith in Passport, to deliver the core services central to their casino and resort. Execution, service, product, and innovation are the top priorities for Passport, and we look to bring on several domestic and international enterprise customers to our platforms and suite of products. Our goal is continuous improvement and continuing to push the envelope to define the resort experience.


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