Gaming Arts G2E Preview: Deal or No Deal?

September 15, 2023

Gaming America spoke to Gaming Arts COO Jean Venneman about new licensing deals and a focus on vibrant graphics.

Tell us about the products you’re exhibiting at G2E...

We’re extremely excited to build on the momentum of our Summer Series of Hits, culminating with the anticipated launch of Thor’s Thunder. To build on the success of Thor, we will be debuting a companion theme: a vibrant and fiery volcano goddess game that is either bankable with Thor or strong enough to stand alone.

We’ll also be debuting our first major license, Deal or No Deal, based on the hit television game-show. The game features linked progressives and jackpots, free games, and of course, the iconic Deal or No Deal Briefcase Bonus. Players will love the immersive experience of playing the gameshow on a slot machine.

On the hardware side, we are thrilled to show our brand new VertX Duo cabinet – our next generation dual screen with two 32” 4K monitors for sharp, dazzling graphics that leave the players enthralled. Our flagship theme on the VertX Duo is Jackpot Sweep, an innovative Hold ‘n Spin-style game where players can win progressives multiple times.

What kind of R&D went into these products?

If there’s one thing our development team is passionate about, it is making great looking games that are fun for the player. Our experienced team of industry experts are proud to showcase new and innovative products at G2E. In addition, we are proud to showcase Deal or No Deal at G2E. Working closely with our partners at Banijay Brands, we have developed a game with a Briefcase Feature that’s true to the hit TV gameshow while at the same time maintaining unique traditional slot gameplay that can’t be found anywhere else.

What is Gaming Arts’ biggest focus right now?

Our biggest focus is to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and to deliver unique and fun gaming experiences to players worldwide. We’ve undergone rapid expansion recently, not only in placements but also in jurisdictions and routes. We’ve grown our footprint almost 120% in the last year, and we are looking to continue this incredible momentum by having a focus on innovation and high-quality gameplay. We’re accomplishing this by taking our games to the next level through valuable licenses andcutting-edge new hardware.

What does Gaming Arts hope to get out of attending G2E?

We’re looking forward to creating new relationships, and strengthening existing ones, while showcasing our strong, diverse product portfolio. We also hope to build on our growing brand awareness through unveiling and showcasing our two newest products, the VertX Duo and Deal or No Deal. No matter what the needs of our customers are, we have a product to address it, whether it is through a high-performing ETG terminal, a licensed or core EGM, or eye-catching digital marketing products. 


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