Bragg Gaming G2E Preview: The people behind the games

September 15, 2023

Gaming America spoke with Kunal Mishra, COO Americas at Bragg Gaming, about the company's previous experience at G2E and what it is aiming to get out of the 2023 edition.

Looking back at last year, what did you achieve at G2E 2022?

Last year was really the first time the industry got to see the combined power of Spin Games as part of Bragg Gaming Group. Bragg Gaming Group acquired Spin Games, which I was a part of, in mid-2022 and G2E was really the first showing of the strength of both the brands, the technology and the game content. So it was a chance not just to continue the work Spin had done in the US market, but also to add some of the technical innovations that Bragg had, as well as some of the new games that came from the internal and partner studios of Bragg.

Is there anything you’re planning to do differently or anything that worked well last time, that you’re going to repeat this time around?

Yes, the show met with a lot of positive reaction last year in that the customers could see there was a greater depth of product behind the offering Bragg was showing; this year is not just a continuation of that and we will be showing a lot more content. But we’re also going to be showing some new tech features, like our Fuze player engagement toolset. So that really allows us to show we’re not just a single-dimension player in this field, but we have a multi-dimensional product mix; we create the games, but we also create tools to help the operators manage and get the best value out of the games.

What products are you going to have at this year’s G2E?

First and foremost, we’re going to have games, games and more games. We’ve got games from our internal Bragg Studios. These in-house studios include Wild Streak Gaming, Atomic Slot Lab and Indigo Magic; so those are the games that have been developed by our own game designers. In addition to that, we intend on showing our premium Powered by Bragg partner games like those from Incredible Technologies, who we’ve had a really long-term relationship with. As well as newer partners, like Bluberi, Sega Sammy Creation and King Show Games, all highly popular brands in the slot world within the North American and the Global Market. We are also going to be showing games from Galaxy Gaming, which has table games in the field and is probably one of the largest providers of table games globally. We have been glad to partner with them for the last few years; we’re going to be showing more and more of their games. We also have independent studios that we deal with and those games will be showcased at the show as well, but really, it’s a mix of our internal Bragg Studios content and selected content that has a land-based heritage that we will be showing in the field. In addition to that, we’ll be showing our player management tools, which allows our customers to extract the greatest benefits of the game when they really start to use those tools in conjunction with the games.

What are you aiming to get out of this year’s G2E?

This year’s goal is pretty simple for me. It is to establish us as one of the must-have providers of games to any iGaming casino in North America. But as much as that, it’s showing the team we’ve created. In the past few years Bragg Gaming Group has acquired Oryx Gaming, they’ve acquired Wild Streak Gaming and Spin Games, and there are a lot of talented individuals originating from each one of these companies. In addition to that, Bragg has hired a group of people who have really been helping with the cross-coordination among all of these companies. There’s a significant amount of gaming experience and a significant amount of innovation expertise within these folks. So one of the things we hope to do is showcase, not just the strength of the product, but the strength of the people; because, at the end of the day, it’s the people who make the company and the people who make the product.


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