Aspire Global G2E Preview: Building connections

September 15, 2023

Gaming America speaks with Quincy Raven, Managing Director Aspire Global – US, about its ambitions to network at this year's G2E.

So we have got G2E coming up soon, tell me a bit about your upcoming appearance. What sort of products were you planning on presenting at the exhibition?

At G2E, we’re presenting our entire product suite that includes PAM, CRM, sports, content, aggregation, as well as our bingo offering. But really, when we look at the value chain of what a US operator – or any operator – would be looking for, we are all highlighting all verticals of the iGaming ecosystem as key partnerships and deployments here in North America. For instance, we just launched Play Alberta, with our BtoBet sport product. There will also be a heavy emphasis on CRM and player engagement, our sports offering, both online and retail and how we pull everything together with managed services. When we meet with operators we’re covering all products and services in terms of the offering, but in reality, we’re establishing broad multiyear partnerships adapting to market conditions with a singular goal of ongoing growth.

What does a company like Aspire Global aim to get from an event like G2E?

What we gain is exposure and meaningful in-person meetings where everyone around the table is looking to learn and be as successful as possible in the market. When it comes down to establishing long-term partnerships, we need to get to know each other, because it’s not just the USP of the product that’s going to form that partnership; it’s who we are and how we work together. Coming into G2E, we want to showcase our abilities, what advancements we’ve made on the product side, in the different regions all over the world, not just the US, but how we perform in Europe, in Africa and in all the other regulated markets that we serve to really show the power of the NeoGames Group. It’s to be noticed, get exposure, but then also to come out of the show with strengthened relationships.

What sort of research and development has gone into the products you’ll be exhibiting at G2E?

Always focus on the user experience. Where can you remove friction for the user, making the experience more engaging? The experience is personalized, but first, it must be localized. That's not to say it’s all markets are radically different, but the differences and nuances matter. Our agents use our own tech from back office support to player acquisition and retention, so we are ‘eating our own dog food,’ so to speak; therefore learning from customer support agents through to the end user on app statistics and player preferences. Player predictions and profiling through machine learning and AI have been a part of our platforms for years.

Just lastly, are there any companies or products you’re looking forward to seeing at G2E? For example, any competitors or any operators? What are you most looking forward to?

The answer without being specific is that we want to see it all. We’ll be sitting down with operators, regulators and third-party suppliers to expand our insights and offer solutions. It takes significant resources in regulated marketings, specifically the in the US going from state to state, because we don’t have federal regulation over how iGaming or sports work. We’re focused on the near term, and mapping out longer term strategies since we, like our partners, take a longer-term view of the markets as they mature.


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