Everi G2E Preview: Empowering operators

September 15, 2023

Everi tells us what to expect at booth #1150.

Everi’s booth at G2E (#1150) will be like no other, as its strategic investment in new gaming cabinets and depth of content will beon display, aimed at enabling operators to generate higher returns on their investment and transform their players’ experiences. Everiwill introduce several new cabinets at G2E including two new product category introductions.

Everi is leveraging its position in the stepper segment to deliver two different premium three-reel mechanical products – Dynasty Dynamic and Player Classic Reserve. Dynasty Dynamic weaves together the classic feel of a three-reel mechanical game with the advanced technology and entertaining gameplay of a video cabinet. The cabinet’s Dynamic Glass technology overlays three mechanical reels to showcase gameplay elements. Dynasty Dynamic will launch with Smokin’ Hot Stuff Spin Frenzy. Player Classic Reserve builds on the success of the Player Classic Signature with a sky-high design, stunning side-lighting, and an optional merchandising wall that amplifies light to create an immersive experience. Player Classic Reserve will launch with Casper Jackpot Wheel.

Everi is also anticipated to release more than 40 unique for-sale themes in 2024, with more than half of them on display at G2Ealong with several new themes for its premium video products.

As an innovator and provider of trusted financial technology solutions that power venues, improve casino operational efficiencies, and fulfill regulatory compliance requirements, Everi’s core focus from a financial technology perspective remains on enhancing the patron experience and patron engagement – even beyond the casino floor. Everi’s financial technology solutions on display at G2E include a robust collection of integrated mobile-first applications that drive increased patron engagement for customers and venues in the casino, sports, entertainment and hospitality industries.

The Everi Mobile App gives casino guests the power of self service and features the operator’s branding. Core functions of Everi Mobile include tie-ins to Everi’s CashClub Wallet for cashless gaming, extensions of the operator’s loyalty program, property content management tools, and marketing opportunities.

Empowering operators to successfully deliver on all aspects of the mobile ecosystem, CashClub Wallet is a digital wallet that elevates patron engagement with frictionless, omnichannel payments. Incorporating more funding sources than ever before, such as PayPal and Apple Pay, CashClub Wallet transforms the traditional cash approach into modern, seamless experiences for enhanced player journeys.

Everi’s cashless payments solutions drive additional volume while improving operational efficiencies and increasing patron engagement opportunities.


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