Altenar G2E Preview: Heading to the Americas

September 15, 2023

The Altenar team previews G2E from the sports betting supplier's perspective.

How do you see the evolution of the North American gaming market, as well as the Canadian one, and how will Altenar take advantage of this context to advance with its sportsbook solution in both jurisdictions?

The North American gaming market, including the Canadian sector, is experiencing a significant evolutiondriven by regulatory changes and growing interest in online betting. With the recent legalization of sports betting in Canada and multiple states across the US, the market presents immense opportunities. Altenar is strategically positioned to capitalize on this evolving landscape. We obtained the license in Ontario, Canada as B2B providers last year, giving us the chance to offer our solution to the Canadian players which are similar to the American players with a huge passion for US sports, so we do understand the needs of the players in both markets. Our sportsbook solution combines advanced technology, extensive market knowledge, and a deep understanding of localregulatory requirements. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we aim to deliver a tailored sportsbook solution that meets the specific needs of operators in both markets.

In 2024, Las Vegas will host a ton of sporting events. Do you think that this will represent a huge boost for the online betting market in that state? How will Altenar leverage that opportunity?

The concentration of sporting events indeed presents a tremendous opportunity for the online betting market. As sportingevents generate excitement in both local and international audiences, the demand for online betting is expected to surge. At Altenar, we recognize the potential of this unique scenario and are prepared to leverage it to the fullest. We are committedto providing an exceptional user experience by offering a seamless, secure and engaging sportsbook platform that caters to the preferences of bettors. We recognize that the American and Canadian gaming markets are unique, with distinct characteristics and preferences. Our commitment to the Canadian market goes beyond providing a technologically advanced platform. We actively collaborate with local operators, industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies to gain valuable insights, contribute to the development of responsible gaming practices, and ensure that our solution aligns with the evolving regulatory landscape and hopefully soon with the US market.

What goals do you expect to achieve with Altenar’s presence at this event?

With our presence at G2E Las Vegas, our primary goal is to foster meaningful connections and partnerships within theindustry. We aim to showcase our advanced sportsbook solution to operators, regulators and industry professionals, highlighting the unique value proposition Altenar brings to the North American market. We intend to establish Altenar as a trusted and reliable partner for operators seeking a comprehensive sportsbook solution that combines cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance and exceptional support. By engaging in discussions, demonstrating our platform’s capabilities, and understanding the specific needs of the North American market, we aim to forge new partnerships and expand our presence in North America.


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