Slotting in Florida: FBM’s US Journey

July 25, 2023

Renato Almeida, Director at FBM, discusses expansion within the US and plans for the upcoming OIGA conference.

What are you bringing to the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) conference this year?

FBM is bringing a diverse portfolio of engaging slots to OIGA with its Easy$Link and Mythic Link collections. Catch the Gold, Rainbow Falls, Underwater Riches, Kingdom Gems, RacinGo-Wild and Viva Mexico compose the Easy$Link pack display, while Eternal Kingdom, Golden Voyage, Ancient Tropics, Nature’s Paradise, Eternal Kingdom Origins and Golden Voyage Origins form the Mythic Link offer for the event.

These 12 games, with different themes, features and gaming experiences, will be available for visitors to try in FBM’s Galaxy II and Shadow III cabinets.

What was the process of launching slot games in Florida like? Do you anticipate the games going live in casinos other than Hialeah Park?

The launch of FBM slots in Florida was the output of a journey of hard work. We knew that the US was a tremendous challenge due to the very competitive environment and advanced level of maturity of this market.

Consequently, we created a solid strategy, did careful planning, nurtured the partnerships with key stakeholders and ran an extensive product development process to bring games ready to delight the American players. So far, the feedback is very positive and we are full of energy and motivation to grow FBM’s presence in this state.

What other Tribal operators do you plan to work with?

The priority is expanding FBM’s operation in the US with a special focus on the Florida and Oklahoma states. We know that this is a challenging market where only the top players can thrive and we are taking the necessary actions on the field to ensure FBM’s next steps of expansion in America.

How has diversifying into FBMDS gone for you after 20 years of land-based gaming?

It has been an incredible journey. FBMDS has witnessed massive growth during the last few years and this evolution will continue. FBMDS’ commercial approach has been the success guarantee of the project.

FBMDS combines the dedicated support and follow-up to each client with a growing portfolio of innovative and high-quality online casino games that attend each market’s local culture and specific player profiles. Since 2021, FBMDS has grown its network of clients in a significant way, while also diversifying its offer by introducing new, exciting and engaging online casino games.

The recent launch of Bailão Junino slot game, designed to honor the Brazilian traditions and festivities, the new generation of Top+Plus table games and the Champion Tales crash game are three perfect examples of this diversification. The second semester of 2023 will follow the same pace and bring several surprises from FBMDS.


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