Product Review: Interblock presents Blackjack Xtreme

July 25, 2023

Venture into the future of gaming with Interblock's revolutionary Blackjack Xtreme, the game-changer that transports casino enthusiasts to new dimensions of excitement.

This cutting-edge creation takes the traditional game of blackjack to unparalleled heights, offering an electrifying game-within-a-game experience. Blackjack Xtreme captivates both players and operators with its visually stunning design, exclusive line of product variations, innovative Graphical User Interface (GUI), enticing side betting opportunities and unparalleled gameplay.

Recognizing the diverse preferences of players, Interblock caters to a wide range of gaming styles with its versatile Blackjack Xtreme, available in both single and multi-hand versions.

The Universal Cabinet (UC) configuration guarantees a personalized gaming journey, catering to individual player choices. The Diamond Video Blackjack Xtreme is a standalone unit with a double or single-sided Player Information Display (PID), accommodating groups of six or three terminals respectively.

For a truly exhilarating and communal gaming encounter, the Blackjack Xtreme table brings players together, competing together against the live or virtual dealer in the Interblock Stadium and Pulse Arena settings.

The enhanced Blackjack Xtreme GUI was ingeniously designed by Interblock to draw players and amplify participation. With an array of side betting opportunities, this immersive interface supports up to nine side bets per hand, providing players with ample chances to win.

The seamless “Bet All” button empowers players to effortlessly place bets on all available side bets simultaneously, while extending to the main hand(s), thereby maximizing participation and amplifying winning potential. Players experience long-term recognition with redesigned side bet logos, ensuring easy identification and adding to the overall appeal.

The optimized layout and extended winning animations create a truly rewarding sensation. Strategically positioned below the main information display, the dealer’s history offers players an optimal view of preceding outcomes, enhancing decision-making and strategy. Moreover, Interblock’s adjustable game cycle speeds ensure a pace that suits all players, fostering elevated engagement and an enjoyable gaming involvement.

Embark on a revolutionary gaming adventure with Interblock’s Blackjack Xtreme, where cutting-edge technology, immersive interfaces and thrilling gameplay redefine the casino experience.


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