Shivan Patel: How North American operators can increase their profits

May 19, 2023

Shivan Patel from Pariplay expands on what operators can do to increase their profits in North America.

In recent years, operators across North America have noticed a shift in the landscape, with the realization that having their own Remote Gaming Server and direct integrations may no longer be profitable, writes Shivan Patel, VP North America, Pariplay.

The market is now flooded with a plethora of game suppliers and an unprecedented number of games, making it a challenging process to keep up with emerging trends. Fortunately, aggregation platforms provide a solution by offering access to the most in-demand studios, allowing operators to cater to the diverse needs and expectations of their players with a wider selection of games.

North America also presents a demanding regulatory landscape for studios that attempt to navigate it alone and directly integrate with operators. The varying regulations at the state and provincial level create a fragmented environment, posing significant and often intimidating obstacles. Staying compliant across multiple jurisdictions while producing high-quality content is a costly endeavor. This is where aggregators play a crucial role in holding iGaming licenses and maintaining large teams dedicated entirely to compliance. For studios aiming to offer their content to players across the US and Canada, it is essential to ensure a quick and streamlined entry into the market – across multiple states and provinces with a single integration. This task would be an enormous challenge for even the most ambitious studio operating independently.

When it comes to content, the industry’s leading aggregation platforms offer all the types of games that are popular with the North American market. These include slots with famous local themes and simple mechanics, popular land-based games adapted for iGaming and table games, with a particular emphasis on poker; as well as instant win games that are essential for an iLottery portfolio, in addition to a host of engagement tools that add value. Available through a single integration, it’s little wonder that operators across North America are opting to hit the market through this route, rather than opting to embark on a host of time and resource-heavy processes.

Operator appetites can be fulfilled by comprehensive aggregation portfolios, which offer a wide range of games that cater to players’ preferences, including exclusive and in-house content. Within a market where land-based casino environments are an inherent part of everyday culture, a focus on content ensures operators can offer the content that North American players already are familiar with, as well as bold, forward-looking innovative iGaming solutions. The North American market continues to have huge scope for growth, and aggregation offerings can make sure a company is well-placed to succeed as more and more states open up to iGaming. 


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