CasinoTrac SVP Q&A: Expansion, CMS and customer experience

May 18, 2023

Jeff Baldi, SVP of Commercial Strategy at CasinoTrac, spoke to Gaming America about the elegance of software, the importance of customer experience and the supplier's plans for growth.

Since Table Trac’s and DataTrac’s introductions in 2020, are there are any other new programs you’re working on now?

Our primary focus continues to be CasinoTrac, the enhancement and expansion of our wide-ranging casino management system. We expect v5, our next major release, to be in the submission phase by G2E 2023. With that said, we are proud of new features, apps and modules that have been released. For example, KioskTrac Mobile is an absolute killer app. KTM is an all-inclusive, integrated app that will provide our casino partners with an unprecedented customer experience. It’s an all-inclusive ‘out of the box’ cashless & credit, PMS & POS experience, offering room access, plus all loyalty balances and status. It’s exciting. And it’s a monumental effort from Chad Hoehne, President & CEO/CTO and our development, QA, support and training teams.

With CasinoTrac, Table Trac, AlertTrac, KioskTrac, DataTrac, many functions have now been automated. Can you tell us how that helps casino staff and what they’re free to focus on in person now?

Simply put, these features help our casino partners focus on service and delivering the apex guest experience. Table Trac is focused on providing an ecosystem that enables our partners to deliver their customer experience strategies, and enforce their internal policies and procedures, without the ‘tech’ getting in the way. Elegant software should support the business, not force organizational change, the need to add an army of staff to monitor and operate or constantly require vendor intervention.

Tell us more about your slogan ‘known players of known value,’ and how the CasinoTrac software spots and tracks the right players at the right time.

This brings us full circle back to our focus: helping our partners deliver their best customer experience. The real-time nature of our operational components puts the important data in the hands of our partners when they need it. To give just one example: consider the service opportunities created when a slot supervisor or casino host is notified that a VIP receives one of our Reflexive Rewards or is dynamically re-tiered, in real-time. That player’s experience goes to the next level when the emotional and social components are layered on top of the feelings of winning or unlocking a higher tier.

What capability have clients asked you to include in your software the most over the years? Or what feature have clients praised the most?

The client requests can be seen in our most recent updates and enhancements. We have been asked for features like enhanced notifications and communications, which we’ve delivered via the CasinoTrac 6.2 touchscreen player interface, like hot seat winners. Integrating third parties, like Marker Trax and Koin into the KTM Cashless function, has created a lot of excitement. Casino players are excited about options we have created with hand pays and w2g-level jackpots being handled at the credit meter, significantly reducing wait times and increasing play time.

How does your software keep players at the tables and at the machines?

There are different tactics, but they comprize the strategy. The CasinoTrac tech stack facilitates efficient and secure transactions, so the ‘system’ doesn’t interfere or slow things down. For table games, this means the player isn’t forced to use special chips or hardware and can move spots with ease, when they want – the dealer and pit staff can also use the system easily without being inconvenienced. With the slot floor, the in-action player, is the ideal state. We strive to enable speedy jackpots and fast alerts for errors or tilts – anything & everything to get the game back in service and the player back to the ideal state: playing the game of their choice.

How does CasinoTrac eliminate data errors and security issues?

…Speaking of ‘ideal states!’ The elimination of errors is tough, but we get pretty darn close. CasinoTrac is the backbone, the database of record. We are running a 13-game tavern or 3,000 games, fintech equipment, POS & PMS systems across our 280+ casino sites. All of these are third-party connections in dynamic, high-traffic environments that handle millions of transactions 24-7, 365. I think everyone would agree that data security is ‘top of mind’ for every IT boss, General Manager, etc. Our intranet, browser-based strategy, built on Linux COBOL, delivers highly secure systems, using the same programming language trusted by governments, banks and business systems for decades. It has yet to be penetrated, even when ‘racked’ next to systems that have been. 

You are currently in 13 countries. Do you plan to expand to any others?

Absolutely, yes. We are hyper-focused on expansion in the US, currently. But we constantly evaluate further international penetration and make those evaluations cautiously. We are in the process of implementing a careful, yet aggressive, approach to drive new business into ‘new’ traditional markets, like Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, and expanding our existing footprint.

Is there anything else happening at CasinoTrac that you’d like to discuss now?

We are running into 2023, following a record in 2022. We broke a revenue milestone and are eager to continue breaking records. We are implementing internal changes to prepare for that continued, responsible growth; investing in our co-workers, working to increase brand awareness, and of course software development and support. Our most important asset and investment is us, the crew. The commitment to support and shared success from the Table Trac team is a big part of what separates us from the pack. It’s an exciting time to be here, and I am very grateful to be part of it. 


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