November 14, 2022 Sports Betting

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Amelco USA’s head Brandon Walker tells us how a company can best take advantage of the opening of the American sports betting market.

What new trends have emerged in the world of American sports betting over the last year?

The big thing that’s really picking up right now up is micro markets and player props. Data and stats-based betting are what’s driving this – and when you look at the way sports fans track and follow the likes of LeBron James and Tom Brady, it becomes easy to see why customers are so data-driven. This is propelling a new dynamic for bets being placed throughout live sports. I have every expectation that live betting is going to get better and better. Prop markets are already becoming well known by players, especially if you look at what Betr and Jake Paul are showcasing with their new platform, and we’re seeing that get bigger and bigger; so for me, that is a trend that every operator wants to capitalize on right now.

Looking at demographics and player preferences, it’s easy to see why they are growing so fast. The US has such a fantastically diverse range of sports on offer every day, with hundreds of world-class players competing on a daily basis. Given prop bets focus on every minute, every second and every action, and then factor in the ability to bet on mobile at home – with the whole social betting aspect delivered by the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel (especially with fantasy sports) – and it immediately becomes easy to see why it plays into next-gen demographics and their decisions.

How has Amelco positioned itself to exploit the evolving market?

We’ve positioned ourselves to work with operators that are looking for the complete rollout across multiple states. We’ve really made a name for ourselves in the US as the industry’s most comprehensive multi-channel platform provider. This means our full end-to-end solution – mobile, web, kiosk and casino – as well as our PAM system, which covers every section of the customer journey. In my view, what makes us the best to deliver in this dynamic market is the fact that we don’t need to rely on any other platform or software supplier to make the machine run, everything is under one roof. In short, we’re able to offer absolutely everything. Nothing slips through the net for us, and we’re proud to be ahead of the game when it comes to the evolving market.

What new products is Amelco looking to promote right now?

We’ve got some really exciting tools in our armory right now, one of the best being our recent integration of BetSwap, which is almost a hybrid between an exchange and a cashout – where punters can buy and sell their bets in the marketplace. For me, it’s a great element that can further drive engagement and retention.

Think of it as a mini eBay embedded into the sportsbook. For example, players can now put together a parlay and then if they decide they don’t fancy it anymore, they can sell that bet on the marketplace. Looking ahead, we’re always looking to stay ahead of the game. Our ecosystem is full-service, so whatever our operator partners want, we make it our mission to get it.

What American markets does the company have its sights on in the coming 12 months?

Ohio is big in our plans at the moment, followed by Maryland and Massachusetts. Ohio saw betting content launched in the state earlier this year in a collaboration between Advance Local and XLMedia, and Massachusetts followed suit in September, with these companies providing betting content on – Massachusetts’ leading local news site. These are all new states and we’ve got big plans to make an impact. As a case in point, what we’ve done in Arkansas is a great example. We’ve been able to be one of only three suppliers licensed to serve the market, and have shown the ability to create a completely new ecosystem for the first time for online.

Will you be making a stronger push in Canada as that continues opening?

Absolutely, keeping a close eye on Ontario in particular – waiting for the right opportunity before we make our play. I’m very interested by a number of the big-name brands that have already debuted there, so we’re keen to see how they make an impact and what players build their expectations on for gameplay. We will then move in when we’re ready.

How are your key clients in the US?

They’re doing great – we’re here to deliver the best of the best and we make sure that our partners have the best game in town. We cover the entire multi-channel with the US’s most comprehensive platform, and with a large focus on our multi-state rollout for each of our big-name partners, we’ve been able to deliver a real variety of sports betting online, iGaming and a top-notch retail experience through our kiosks. I’m very proud of our status as one of the best platforms out there, and we take great pride in translating this performance into client success.

Where does the company see the biggest prospects for growth in the American market?

Aside from the three states we’ve already discussed (Ohio, Maryland and Massachusetts), tribal opportunities are something we should be keeping an eye on. We’ve done great work with tribal casinos over the years and have provided them with a unique bridge into the online world for the first time. With our excellent tech, we’ll be certainly looking to capitalize on that in 2023 to further develop the market. 

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